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Gain the Skills to Advance Your Career

Capella's online Information Technology degree programs are closely aligned to professional standards to ensure you gain the same skills and knowledge as the top performers in your field. We continually review and adapt our programs to deliver the competencies you can immediately use today.


More than 80% of current Capella students say their education has had a direct impact on their career.CULES, 2010

IT Options to Fit Your Goals

No matter where you want to go in IT, Capella has a specialized program to help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to perform at the top of your field. Choose from degree options in information technology, information security, project management, and more.

Designed for both immediate on-the-job impact and long-term success, Capella’s competency-based information technology programs can help you go further in your IT career.

New Information Assurance and Security Options


Choose between

Digital Forensics & Network Defense

Accredited. Respected.

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Our MS in Information Systems and Technology Management program is accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI® Global Accreditation Center for Project Management (PMI-GAC).

The GAC and PMI logos are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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Capella has been designated a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAEIAE) for the academic years 2012–2017.

Higher Learning Commission Mark of Affiliation

Capella University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

The Higher Learning Commission is among the 6 regional accrediting bodies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Regional bodies accredit colleges and universities; national bodies accredit trade and vocational schools.

Hands-On Learning Through Virtual Lab Environment

Students in this specialization will explore penetration testing techniques in our virtual lab environment using leading industry tools, including BackTrack and Metasploit. In addition, students will learn to manage real-time responses to security breaches using Nessus® to perform vulnerability assessments, including system sanitizing and hardening.

FlexPath: The Most Direct Path to a Degree

For select programs Capella also offers a self-paced learning option called FlexPath. FlexPath allows you to complete your degree on your own schedule, at your own pace. You can move quickly through more familiar coursework or more slowly as needed — without the constraints of preset due dates. For many students FlexPath offers a more personalized learning approach with greater freedom, more control and the potential to save time and money.

Learn more about FlexPath Self-Paced Learning

Meet Our Distinguished Faculty

Most of Capella's faculty in the school of Business & Technology hold doctorates. They have deep teaching experience and bring real-world expertise to the course room, with many holding current positions in small businesses, government, non-profit, consulting, and higher education. Many of our faculty are industry leaders at organizations such as IBM, Microsoft and Vulcan Systems. In addition, numerous IT faculty members have published journal articles and books.

View all business & technology faculty

If I had a question about how best to solve a technical problem, Dr. Kris Jamsa not only offered advice on how best to approach that particular problem, but also offered a practical, hands-on solution that equated to how something may transpire in industry.

R.Scott Harrington MS in Information Technology

Get Support in Your Career Decisions

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Earn Credit for Your Knowledge

The knowledge you gained for your IT certifications — including CISSP®, CISA®, CISM®, and more — can help you earn college credit toward a Capella bachelor’s or master’s IT program, saving you time and up to $12,000. Explore Qualified Programs

8 Ways to Save

  • 1

    Take Control and Save with Self-Paced Learning

    FlexPath is a more accessible, flexible, and efficient way to earn your degree – allowing you to complete multiple courses at your own pace while paying one flat tuition rate per quarter.

  • 2

    Credit for Real-World Experience

    You can earn credits through our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process by demonstrating mastery of competencies, and may be eligible to earn credit for previous coursework, experience and learning.

  • 3

    Start Now, Save Up to $10,000

    Enroll in a qualifying degree program now and you can save thousands on your tuition. Learn more about grants.

  • 4

    10% Military Discount

    Capella is proud to provide military benefits, including a 10% tuition discount on graduate programs.

  • 5

    Transfer Credits

    Reduce the time and cost of finishing your degree by maximizing your transfer credits.

  • 6

    Employer Tuition Reimbursement

    Many employers offer tuition reimbursement to their employees — even those without a formal program. Check with your HR department or manager to see if you are eligible.

  • 7

    Employer & Association Discounts

    Tuition discounts from Capella-affiliated employers and colleges can make your degree more affordable, saving you thousands.

  • 8

    Accelerated PhD Courseload

    For doctoral programs based on cost per quarter, rather than the number of credits, you can maximize your courseload and complete your degree faster — saving money on tuition.


People with master's degrees in IT from Capella earn an average of $38,000 more per year than people who only hold a bachelor's degree.

GE Salary Project Update

Unparalleled Military Support Unparalleled Military Support

Our dedicated team of military support counselors will work with you to take advantage of the latest military and VA benefits, plus we offer tuition discounts, military leave of absence and a flexible degree program that can move with you to any duty station.

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At Capella, you will enjoy the flexibility of earning your degree on a schedule that fits your life. In our online course rooms, students and faculty participate in discussions at different times throughout the week. You will not attend class at a specific date and time, but you can expect to complete weekly assignments, reading, and participation requirements.

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